Which party holds your values?

Please read the following sentences and indicate your agreement or disagreement:

I am proud of my country’s history

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I value conventional norms that are tried and true.

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In a fair society, everyone would end up with roughly the same amount of money.

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I wish the world did not have nations and we were all part of one big group.

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I prefer to try new restaurants that serve food from different cultures.

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I believe that self-expression is more important than self-control.

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Respect for authority is something all children need to learn.

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There is no price too high to provide quality education to children.

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I think it’s wrong that some inherit a lot of money while others inherit nothing.

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I would rather watch an action film than a documentary.

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There would be less crime if lawbreakers were punished more severely.

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In this country, personal choices in life are the primary reason for why someone is poor.

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Thinking about global climate change, I am concerned for the future of humanity.

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Men and women each have different roles to play in society.

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I prefer whole, natural foods that are organic or non-GMO.

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It is acceptable to discriminate when choosing one’s friends

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